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Help us support: A pond in the dry forest

Updated: May 8, 2023

As a business devoted to supporting sustainable projects around the world, Inca Merch believes that we all must work together to create a more sustainable future. For this reason, when we find projects that need support, we like to do what we can to help them out by sharing their stories and sharing what we have. This is important to do, specially when climate change is affecting many areas of the world, and the Northern Coastal Peru region is no exception.

While we are currently seeing a lot of flooding in the area due to El Niño, the dry seasons that follow can last for most of the year, creating challenges for wildlife and vegetation.

That's why we're supporting a project in Piura, Peru that aims to create spaces for storing water and creating refuge spaces for wildlife during the dry season.

The project is managed by an old friend, José Cueva Santos, who is dedicated to conserving and protecting nature. I met him years ago when I studied sustainable development in the Amazon Rainforest with the Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon, and I had the pleasure to see him again last year when I returned to visit. During that time you could tell that José's experience and knowledge of the environment had grown and I can't wait to see how José uses that wisdom to help care for our Mother Earth, Pachamama.

With the project, José wants to conserve and protect nature by building a pond and using it to promote sustainable agriculture & aquaculture to grow his own food and share it with wild animals. This year, José's project is to build a pond that will support the local habitat by being a small oasis during the dry seasons. The pond can provide food and irrigate a vegetable garden along with some fruit trees. He needs to install one and a half kilometers of tubes to bring water from a stream to the pond and buy a geomembrane to maintain the water. The project will cost about 5000 Euros, let's help him reach his goal! You can learn more about his project in this YouTube video here and see the progress by visiting the donation page here.

If you have the resources, it would be appreciated if you donated directly to this cause or purchase our sustainable fashion products between now and the end of the year. For every purchase, we will donate partof the profits to the habitat restoration project. By supporting this project, we can all help create a more sustainable future for ourselves and the planet. Thank you for your support!


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