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Sharing our shared history

Inca Merch's goal is to share with the world the beauty of an ancient culture. The Inca Empire was one of the last of the Andean societies which had ruled much of what is now South America under a unified empire. These Andean cultures were experts at working alongside nature, and were able to create a unified continent with shared values like Ayni.  To honor the culture, our business profits will be used to help heal our planet.



Ayni, the law of reciprocity, was an integral part of Andean society. It teaches us to work in reciprocal exchanges with all. Creating a healthier, more sustainable world.


Andean societies knew how to live in balance with nature, something we are still developing in our 'modern' society. To help aid in the global effort for ecological balance, we will also seek to offer the most sustainable options available with our products.


To create a more sustainable future we also need to nurture a diverse set of ideas and cultures. We will work with people from all races and cultures for we are all children of the sun. 



A word from the owner : Joao Vilca Soto

I am a descendant of Indigenous Andeans in the Puno Region. I am also an Environmental Activist and Founder of Ruta Verde Sustainability Non-Profit. My experience is in Sustainable Development with studies and field work experience in Peru, Iceland, and the United States. I have spent my professional life trying to better understand how to care for this world and I will work hard to make sure this company does just that. Thank you for your support! 


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