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According to various Indigenous Populations and Scientific Reports, our world is currently out of balance, we need to restore that balance by taking care of our planet and all life that is on it.

For this purpose, Inca Merch is pledging to use our profits to support Sustainable Development projects. We will work to empower individuals to have the tools and resources to care for their home. We also choose the most environmentally-friendly options when designing our products to minimize our impact wherever possible.

Sustainability at Inca merch



We use NovaTomato for the majority of our products. They focus on using recycled materials and using suppliers and facilities that are audited and regularly checked to ensure full compliance with their labor and safety protocols, their environmental management systems, and their production processes.

Tree Planting


We know that to create a Sustainable Future it takes more than just reducing our environmental impact. We must take action in restoring the health of our planet. Through our partnership with Ruta Verde, we assist with reforestation efforts in the Pacific Northwest.


Community engagement

To build a sustainable future we must build bonds within our communities and find ways to support each other. Our team has experience in running, funding, and sponsoring a various of environmentally-related events and we will use our profits to continue those efforts.

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